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Our sister company is Macau’s leader on teambuilding and outdoor events. We have the perfect team building ideas for your corporate event in Macau.

Macau iPad Discovery – Scavenger hunt in Macau

This activity basically goes off with a team using the iPad to get instructions to solve challenges like a com-mixture of treasure hunt and great race. Each team will be searching for World Heritage landmarks and other locations according to the instructions on their iPad and maps. During the race the teams will unlock some hidden treasures of Macau seeing some of the best locations and determining team challenges that will prepare them to touch, learn, experience and most of all have fun. Watch Video

SkyDrumming – the only in the world

A first of its kind activity in the world that presents a team building energy with high adrenaline unique in the world. Think of yourself and your team playing drums together at 233 meters off the ground. This is a very unique team building activity in partnership with AJ Hackett Macau and Human Rhythms. If you are scared of height we also have the exact same activity that is indoors that allows our guests to stay inside instead of standing outside at the ring of the Macau Tower. Watch Video

Macau Gourmet Discovery – Great race with food in Macau

A journey that allows you to know the secrets behind the taste. The Macau Gourmet Discovery gives all participants the chance to experience some of the best Macanese, Portuguese and Chinese dishes in specialty food stalls and restaurants located in the old part of Macau, where most of UNESCO World Heritage sites that are found.

Beach Olympics – Team bonding outdoors

A set of Teambuilding Games to let our delegates connect and get to know each other better. These delegates will be assigned to teams. The games are held according to a rotation that allows all teams to do all the games and received the points that are given per activity according to the rules. A coordinator will explain all games and make sure that rules are followed fairly.

Drumming Team Challenge

A lesson about team diversity and respect. Let a team bond in rhythm and let them get creative by making and performing their own music. Watch Video

Wine Making Academy

All delegates will experience this art and will get an opportunity to create their personalized wine at Wine Making Academy. They will also learn how to become a true cellar wine make, because delegates get to learn all about the combination of the right blending of grapes. Those who don’t drink wine will create and draw wine bottle label and also the market product presentation. Watch Video

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