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Why use a DMC?

A destination management company (DMC) offers intimate destination knowledge and can take care of all ground services – transfers, accommodation, restaurants, venues, logistics and activities. A DMC can provide you with access to once in a lifetime experiences which aren’t generally available to the public and because they have great buying power, they can obtain excellent rates to stretch your budget further.

Tips for selecting a DMC

  • Do your homework – remember the DMC in a destination should be your partner, which means that they are an extremely important part of the program.

    Check the candidates out carefully, by seeking recommendations from as many sources as possible.

  • Do they have representation in Australasia and do they visit regularly to promote their services? This will show an understanding of local customs and cultures, and show a commitment and loyalty to your particular marketplace, knowing that “one size doesn’t fit all”. The local representation company will bring additional benefits – not only are they usually on the same time-zone as you (especially for long-haul programs), but they can act as an “interpreter” in both directions, between you and the DMC, they probably know your specific ways of working and will be aware of any customs (and idiosyncrasies!) of the DMC.
  • Check that the DMC understands your culture in order to combine excellent operational and creative services in your destination, that respect your culture.
  • Do they belong to an industry association such as SITE or MPI? This will show their understanding of industry issues and the differences between leisure tourism and business tourism.
  • Interview them! You both need to know and trust each other – talk with them and get to know their work ethic. Do you like them? Do you trust them with your reputation and your best clients?
  • Use them properly – think “value” rather than “cost” – they should not just be an order-taker, they should be your partner. Beware the venue-finder that claims to be a DMC – they will simply be order-takers or (worse) sell you what they want rather than what you need.
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