Visiting Macau - The Hottest MICE Destination in Asia

More than 500 years of Portuguese history. A mix of traditional Chinese costumes and top-class facilities.

Macau is a gem in Southeast Asia for MICE events, combining perfectly both the Old and the New.

Newest and Exciting

There is no place in the modern days with more investment than Macau. Venues, Accommodation, Entertainment, and Infrastructures in recent years like no other place. Macau is Asia’s newest and most exciting destination for international conventions.

Entertainment Capital

Macau is positioning itself as the entertainment capital of Asia. Urban entertainment resorts, Casino shows, nightclubs, concerts, exhibitions, opera shows, theaters, cinema and sports events such as the famous Macau Grand Prix.

Unique Culture

The settlement of Macau by Portuguese navigators, in the mid-16th century, laid the basis for nearly 5 centuries of uninterrupted contact between East and West. Macau is the single most consistent example of cultural interchange between Europe and Asia.

World Heritage City

2005 the Historic Centre of Macau was officially listed as a UNESCO World Cultural Heritage. It is the oldest, most complete and consolidated array of European architectural legacy standing intact in Chinese territory. It retains its original function and spirit to the present day.

Excellent Eating

Savor the best the world has to offer. From spectacular international cuisine to wonderful local delicacies. When the Portuguese arrived in Asia they brought foodstuffs and cooking ideas. With influences from Africa, South America, and India as well as from home. These were adapted and combined by the local Chinese to create truly international cuisine.

Top Class Facilities

World-class facilities exist and more are currently under development with investments worth billions of dollars. Most facilities are also owned and managed by international companies. Accommodation is also plentiful. No matter how varied the taste of visitor, there’s no shortage of choices of places to stay – from six-star hotels to budget hotels.

Close Range

The total area of Macau measures 28,6 square kilometers, nowhere in Macau is too far away! Everything stays within 30 minutes of travel time. The compactness of Macau makes travel time short. Travellers have more time to enjoy the stay and to visit Macau’s beautiful sites.

Visitors Friendly

Macau is one of the safest cities in the world. One can walk anywhere in Macau and at any time freely. Macau offers visa-free access to citizens from more than 70 countries. Visas can also be easily obtained at the borders.

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