Macau is one of Asia’s most exciting MICE and gaming destinations with a string of integrated resorts with world-class meeting facilities, entertainment, accommodation, dining, shopping…

But Macau is not only casinos and huge venues (the top 3 venues spaces are 19.880 m², 18.500 m², 8.000 m²). Near the Pearl River, Macau is truly a pearl on Asia MICE destinations combining Ancient and Tradition with Future and World Class venues in a perfect symbiosis.

But not take our word for it. We prepared a quick overview of 8 big reasons to host your MICE event here:

1. Top class facilities

Nowhere in Asia, there is so much investment in infrastructures, venues, and entertainment in recent years. Accommodation is also plentiful, there’s no shortage of choices of places to stay – from six-star to budget hotels.

Here is a gallery of our selection of best hotel venues for your event:

2. Visitors Friendly

Macau is one of the safest cities in the world. In the crime index is considered the risk as Low or Very Low what makes Macau the perfect destination for visitors of all kind. Macau also offers visa-free access to citizens from more than 70 countries. Check the full list here.

3. Unforgettable Cuisine

Savour the best the world has to offer, from spectacular international cuisine to delectable local delicacies and the unique Macanese cuisine, a combination of the Portuguese cooking traditions with local Chinese dishes.

Our partner smallWORLD Experience created a fun and engaging team building program called Macau Gourmet Discovery that bring guests to discover the unique tastes of Macau.

4. Unique Culture

The settlement of Macau by Portuguese navigators, in the mid-16th century, laid the basis for nearly 5 centuries of uninterrupted contact between East and West. Macau is the single most consistent example of culture interchange between Europe and Asia.

This symbiosis creates a unique culture uniquely seen in Macau that mix traditional Portuguese customs mixed with Chinese influences. This culture can be seen in architecture, cuisine and even on street signs that feature both languages.

5. World Heritage City

In 2005 the Historic Centre of Macau was officially listed as UNESCO World Cultural Heritage. It is the oldest, and most consolidated array of European architectural legacy standing intact on Chinese territory.

The main landmark is St. Paul Ruins where a façade of an old church was the only survivor from a fire that destroyed the church. This façade survived all weather and adversities such as war, weather and the passage of centuries and it’s Macau’s postcard and an iconic monument that best represent the mix of both cultures.

This monument is full of symbolism and you can read a brief history about the monument here.

6. Easy Access

Macau International Airport is serviced by nine airlines and is only a 45-minute ferry ride from Hong Kong International Airport, the world’s fifth busiest airport. There are plenty of connections between Hong Kong and Macau.

7. Compact

Being only 28,6 square kilometers, everything is within 30 minutes travel time. The compactness of Macau makes travel time short and so travelers get more time to enjoy their stay.

Gallery of transportation methods in Macau:

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