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Hong Kong – a mix of nature and skyscrapers that will always makes you happy...

This vibrant and intense city with beautiful beaches, marvelous food and inviting neighborhoods is also a shopping heaven that will surprise you whether it’s your first or 20th time visiting.




Hong Kong is not only such a vibrant MICE city, but it also features a mix of nature and skyscrapers that will make you fall in love every time you come. Trust DOC DMC Hong Kong to show you ideas for your meeting or incentive travel in Hong Kong.


DMC Hong Kong

Accessible Hong Kong

Hong Kong-based carriers and other major airlines offer more than 1,600 weekly flights to and from the city.
It has one of the world’s safest and most efficient public transportation systems. From taxis to ferries, subway, rail, bus, and tram, making your way around Hong Kong is a highlight in itself. dmc hong kong

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Top Class Facilities and Services

No matter how varied the taste of the people in your incentive or meeting, there’s no shortage of choices of places to stay – from five-star accommodations to budget hotels.
The quality of service and state-of-the-art facilities further enhance Hong Kong’s position as a leading exhibition and events hub.

dmc hong kong

Visitors Friendly

The Hong Kong dollar is pegged to the US dollar, making it a stable currency. It offers visa-free access to citizens from over 170 countries. English is the language of business and service industries. Hong Kong is a remarkably safe city day or night. Your clients, either from an incentive, conference or a meeting will be welcome!

dmc hong kong

City, Harbor and Green Landscapes

Hong Kong is truly unique – a mix of modern skyscrapers and colorful neon signs nestled in an oasis of greenery. Over 70% of Hong Kong is covered in lush green vegetation. Is truly a city of contrasts that your meeting group or incentive winners will have to see to believe.

dmc hong kong

Shopping, shopping, shopping

Hong Kong is a great place to go on a shopping spree. The range is enormous, from up market big brands to the night markets that have made Kowloon famous.
A must-see list for every meeting or incentive group visiting the city.

dmc hong kong

Fantastic Nightlife

Kick off your night with Hong Kong’s after-work crowd for happy-hour drinks. Your best bet is Central district, from bijoux wine bars in Lan Kwai Fong to creative cocktails in SoHo and NoHo’s backstreet hideaways.
The ideal place to rest from a business meeting, as conference or an incentive trip. 

dmc hong kong

Exceptional Dining

On the favorite destinations for food lovers, only France and Italy come higher on the list.
Besides the native Cantonese fare, Asian food of all kinds abound and the international repertoire here is as good as anywhere in the world.
This is a gastronomic trip that your incentive or meeting group will never forget!

Themed Events in Hong Kong

We offer spectacular themes for your events to create a unique ambience.
DMC Hong Kong

Brazilian Night

A night filled with color and joy. The rhythms of the Brazilian Samba and Capoeira can be delivered to your corporate event through performances, entertainment and/ or ornaments and decorations such as colored feathers, paper balloons, confettis and so much more.
In order to make our clients feel like they are part of the show, we provide them with all kinds of props that range from hats, funny-looking glasses and so on.

dmc hong kong

Casino Fun

To visit and experience Asia, especially Macau, isn’t complete without immersing yourself in its deeply rooted Casino Culture. Perfect gambling tables, experienced dealers and croupiers, the sounds of the machines and the ambiance in the air. Guests love the opportunity to experience all this with our Casino Fun themed event, where they are able to learn from our dealers and croupiers, get in the gambling mood and immerse themselves in this culture, even if just for a few hours. It is also an excellent choice for charity events, where real money can be used and reverted to causes your company wants to support.

dmc hong kong

Chinese Night

Wherever you are in China, holding a “fortune” themed gala dinner is one of your best options to make your guests immerse themselves in the Chinese culture. We provide you with the most detailed decorations that can vary from everyday Chinese objects, to bird cages, lucky sticks to embellish your tables as center pieces, walking areas or standees and much more.
Get even more in the spirit with a traditional Chinese entertainment performance, like for example the Dragon or Lion Dance, Changing Mask, Traditional Chinese Music or a Shaolin Performance. 

dmc hong kong

007 Casino Royale

007 Casino Royale themed event will show you that there’s no mission impossible in Macau for a corporate event. We will design elegant decorations and get you in a James Bond mood with several decorations such as light moon balloons, centerpieces, Bond Girls’ silhouettes and more.

dmc hong kong

Wine Casino Party

A cocktail party before or after dinner is a guaranteed success! Our Wine Casino package guarantees fun and entertainment for every guest. Croupier/ dealers are actors that will entertain everyone. Right at the beginning, each player receives a given amount in casino chips. All the casino chips won at the games will revert to a special auction at the end of the vent. The uniqueness is on the nature of the bets: decode tastes, uncover aromas and guess the flavors.

Corporate Events Entertainment in Hong kong

We provide the best live entertainment options for Macau and Hong Kong events.

1,000 Hands Dance

A 1000 hands dance has a Buddhism and Chinese background. It is a brilliant live performance with a strong message behind it, to be kind and naturally good things will come your way. dmc hong kong Regularly a success in corporate events, this dance will enhance your event without a doubt.

Chinese Traditional Arts & Crafts

One of the most distinctive visual arts of Chinese handicrafts is Papercutting Art. You will be impressed by the true to life expressions of the character’s sentiment and appearance, or portrayal of natural plants and animals’ diverse gestures. As gifts for your guests, the paper-cutting master will shape out the outline of guests onsite with his scissors art.

Portuguese Folk Dance Troops

The cultural influence of Portugal in Macau is often symbolized by the traditional Portuguese folk dances that are performed by locals using Portuguese clothes. These dances were performed in 2008, during the opening of the Olympic Games in Beijing. These dances can have approximately 25 to 30 performers, including musicians and dancers.

Jazz and Classical Music

Jazz music: Along with the blues, is one of America’s earliest musical inventions. What a better way to accompany your company dinner or cocktail party? dmc hong kong

Classic music: String Quartet. Enjoy your dinner with the ambient sound of classical music performed by local professional musicians.

Kung Fu Tea

Kung Fu and tea normally don’t belong together, but when the two cross paths an amazing performance takes place. The performance includes teapots and quick movements, you’ll have to experience it to know what we are talking about!

Laser Man Show

The Laser Man Show usually happens in a dark setting and mainly consists of a performer (or performers) playing and doing tricks with laser and ultraviolet lights. Performers create magical moments for guests to feel the atmosphere and the climax generated by LED lights and smoke machines.

Lion Dance

The performance starts with two drummers, one Chinese and one Portuguese playing against each other, which will introduce you to the Lion Dance. Then, experienced lion dancers will present the exclusive traditional act of allocating all the good blessings of heave to the whole community.

Magical Night

Lead the magic to your gala dinner, surprise guests with a very special night, which will make them believe in the impossible. In order to make your dinner special, a magician master will create the right atmosphere with a performance filled with amazing magic tricks.

Pop Rock Band

We work regularly with local musicians. Our bands will set the mood for your corporate event, reliving good memories and making the audience sing along with their favorite songs. Occasionally we bring musicians from Hong Kong and Mainland China.

Shaolin Monks performance

One of the most famous performances of Chinese Culture is the Shaolin Monk’s performance. Since temples used to be located in outside and remote areas where bandits and wild animals were an occasional problem, monks started to learn martial arts to improve their self-defense capacities.

Traditional Chinese Drums/ Modern Chinese Drums

Get blown away by our all-female group of drummers, who’ll demonstrate their power, rhythm and inspire your audience with their amazing and dance-along sounds.

Team Building in Hong Kong

SmallWORLD Experience, DOC DMC’s sister company, also has a lot of experience with team buildings and outdoor events in Hong Kong. We’ll make sure you get the best of the city and your team!
Drumming Challenge Group Activities

Drumming: Team Builder or Team Challenger

You don’t need to be a professional musician to love this teambuilding activity, it will kick start your event with energy and fun. dmc hong kong It brings everyone together all without saying a single word. Your team will definetely feel the “beat” in Hong Kong!

DMC Hong Kong,Hong Kong,event management in hong kong,destination management company,MICE

Wine & Gourmet Casino

What do you say about a Casino that incorporates in its games everyone’s favorite drink, wine?! This fun activity will lift your team’s spirit and test their senses with entertaining games that feature gourmet specialties and fine drinks. dmc hong kong

DMC Hong Kong

Fun Casino

Who said Macau was the only place for casino games? Now also in Hong Kong you get to experience Macau’s greatest entertainment activity. Each player receives a given amount in casino chips to use on a privileged access to the most popular Table Games: Blackjack, Roulette, Baccarat, and other famous Casino games. To start the activity, the basic rules and principles of each game will be briefly presented by a Professional Croupier Trainer that will prepare the players for a memorable experience.This activity will recreate the true environment of a Casino, but with no money involved, making this a perfect entertainment option for any corporate event.

DMC Hong Kong

Hong Kong Gourmet Discovery

This is a team building made for your taste buds. It will take you on a culinary trip through the the most beautiful locations in Hong Kong while simultaneously presenting you with surprising dishes that will leave you wanting more!

Hong Kong iPad Discovery

A playful competitive way to discover Hong Kong while bonding with co-workers, clients, partners and friends. This corporate activity is perfect to boost motivation and teamwork in any organization. A fun and interactive outdoor team building activity to discover the big city of Hong Kong.

Wine Academy Group Activities

Wine Making Academy

An innovative and original team building concept where guests will become wine makers for a day. The activity starts with a brief lecture from a professional sommelier and by blending different mono-grapes wines. Guests will create their own wine. This activity involves everyone, the ones who do not drink will have the challenge to create and draw wine bottle labels and create the market product presentation. The whole experience is a simulation of a wine company. Wine Making Academy is the best activity of its kind in Hong Kong and Macau.

Special Venues in Hong Kong

Get on board of the Aqua Luna and go on a ride along the beautiful Victoria Harbour, or enjoy the breathtaking views of the city in one of Hong Kong’s roof top bars. Either way we’re sure you’ll have the best time!
dmc hong kong

Aberdeen Marina Club

For generations of members, the Aberdeen Marina Club has been far more than a Club, and nothing less than a privileged haven since its foundation in 1984, on Hong Kong’s green South Side. The Aberdeen Marina Club has a site area of over 550,000 square feet. It operates six restaurants and eight banqueting venues. It is located in the Aberdeen Typhoon Shelter adjacent to the Ocean Park. It is fifteen minutes from downtown Central via the Aberdeen Tunnel and only minutes from Stanley on the south side of the island.

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DMC Hong Kong

Aqua Luna

Aqua Luna ride is something really interesting to try out in Hong Kong. The “antique” junk boat will pick you up at the Kowloon or Central pier for an arranged seat in Victoria Harbor. Catering and entertainment can be arranged on board.

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dmc hong kong

Cafe Deco

Since its opening in 1994, Cafe Deco – the originator of the show kitchen concept in Hong Kong – has remained the largest restaurant atop The Peak, Hong Kong most famous landmark. Set amongst Art Deco-inspired surroundings and against the most stunning views of Hong Kong world famous harbor and skyline, Cafe Deco two levels – dramatically linked by a sweeping spiral staircase, offer over 15,000 square feet of dining with a 600-seat capacity. View website

dmc hong kong

Club Lusitano

It was founded in 1866 for the Portuguese Community in Hong Kong to meet and promote the Portuguese Culture. The Club has been in the same location since mid-1920s and is still a place where locals can enjoy the original Portuguese food. The facilities are modern and offer great views of central district. View website

dmc hong kong

Happy Valley – Horse Racing Course

Private events can be held at the racecourse at one of the restaurants or in private rooms. It is one of the two racecourses for horse racing in Hong Kong. The racecourse is located in Happy Valley on Hong Kong Island.

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Watermark Hong Kong


Watermark boasts a stunning 270-degree view of the busy working Victoria harbor. The elegant stone entranceway and water feature take you into Watermark’s sleek interior of teak, marble and glass. Ideal for events and parties, the menu focuses on fresh seafood and Watermark’s very own dry aged steaks. View website

DMC Hong Kong,Hong Kong,event management in hong kong,destination management company,MICE


Hutong offers a stunning view across the harbour. Paired with a modern interpretation of traditional chinese foods and an amazing ambiance, it makes for the perfect evening. View website
Watermark Hong Kong

 The Pawn

Located in one of Hong Kong’s heritage colonial buildings from the late 19th century, the Pawn is one of the coices for locals and tourists wanting to appreciate the views of Wanchai. After an extensive two month renovation The Pawn has reopened under the culinary direction of Michelin-starred British chef Tom Aikens.

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As an established member of Hong Kong’s grill house circle, wooloomooloo group has developed three successful brands, Wooloomooloo Prime, Wooloomooloo Steakhouse and The Chop House, at prominent locations in Hong Kong. Within the cozy and contemporary décor of their restaurants, you will find professional staff serving a delightful meal in an intimate, welcoming atmosphere.

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Azure Bar

Azure Bar

The famed Azure Restaurant Bar, located on 29th and 30th floors of the LKF hotel, has been bestowed numerous honors. Guests can step out onto the patio to experience the open fresh air and amazing views of Central while enjoying a glass of wine or a cocktail. Azure’s unique ambience is a preferred venue for parties events in Hong Kong and is further enhanced by the restaurants international chefs, who proudly feature their ever changing modern cuisine.

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MICE Events Hong Kong - Best Hotels we can recommend

Our suggestions about the most comfortable, trendy and convenient located hotels in Hong Kong.
DMC Hong Kong,Hong Kong,event management in hong kong,destination management company,MICE

Grand Hyatt 5*

Grand Hyatt Hong Kong is located adjacent to the Hong Kong Convention & Exhibition Centre, with commanding views of Victoria Harbour. It is only minutes from the Central, Pacific Place, Wanchai and Causeway Bay business/shopping areas. The hotel is also within walking distance from Star Ferry to Kowloon. The hotel has a total of 549 rooms.

DMC Hong Kong,Hong Kong,event management in hong kong,destination management company,MICE

Harbour Grand Kowloon Hong Kong

The hotel provides spectacular views overlooking the Victoria Harbour and the South China Sea. No views for the standard rooms. It features a naturally lit marble lobby with towering windows with views of Victoria Harbour. The only hotel in Hong Kong with a pier at its footsteps (ideal for chartered cruises). Located along the Kowloon waterfront but not the main area of Kowloon, 1km from Hung Hom subway station. A regular shuttle bus connects the hotel with Tsim Sha Tsui subway station and the Star Ferry.

DMC Hong Kong,Hong Kong,event management in hong kong,destination management company,MICE

Novotel Century Hong Kong 4*

The 23-storey building has a contemporary design with modern, spacious and comfortable rooms. The lobby has large top-to-ceiling glass windows with the lounge integrated. Located in Hong Kong Island, Wan Chai, 1.2 km from the Hong Kong Convention & Exhibition Centre and 500m from Wan Chai subway station. dmc hong kong

DMC Hong Kong,Hong Kong,event management in hong kong,destination management company,MICE

Mandarin Oriental 5*

Mandarin Oriental, Hong Kong has been delighting guests for over forty years and recently completed a comprehensive multi million dollar renovation. With a prime location in Central, renowned service levels, and an ambience of comfort and oriental elegance, the hotel has reclaimed its position as one of the world’s legendary hotels.

DMC Hong Kong,Hong Kong,event management in hong kong,destination management company,MICE

The Mira Hotel 5*

The Mira Hong Kong is an upscale lifestyle hotel designed for all visitors who wish for contemporary and stylish living. It offers 493 rooms with glamorous and exciting interiors combined with state-of-the-art technology. Dining is also a pleasure with the excellent food and drinks available at their bar and restaurant. Hotel Mira is situated close to the Temple Street Night Market and across the road from Kowloon Park. dmc hong kong

DMC Hong Kong,Hong Kong,event management in hong kong,destination management company,MICE

Island Shangri-La 5*

The hotel comprises 565 guestrooms, all with breathtaking views of Hong Kong Harbour or the Peak. Conveniently situated in the heart of Hong Kong’s Admiralty district, the hotel offers the good location for both business and pleasure. Guests enjoy direct access to the world-renowned Pacific Place shopping mall and the adjacent MTR station.

DMC Hong Kong,Hong Kong,event management in hong kong,destination management company,MICE

The Excelsior 4*

The Excelsior Hong Kong is one of the island’s most famous hotels for travelers looking to explore the energetic entertainment and shopping areas of Causeway Bay. It’s also notable for its history – standing on Lot Nr.1 – the very first plot of land sold at auction when Hong Kong became a British Colony in 1841. With its excellent restaurants, well-designed rooms and suites, it’s the ideal place to stay on a visit to the island. Just ten minutes from Central, Hong Kong’s business district, it has a prime location overlooking Victoria Harbour.

DMC Hong Kong,Hong Kong,event management in hong kong,destination management company,MICE

W Hotel 4*

Where glamorous trends meet colonial style, W Hong Kong amplifies the city’s vibrancy, with the Airport Express just below. Immerse yourself in the artistic ambience of West Kowloon Culture Centre, the up-and-coming cultural hub next door.

Facts & Figures

Basic info about Hong Kong for your reference and convenience.


Visitors to Hong Kong must hold a passport that is valid for at least six months after the planned departure date from Hong Kong. Nationals of most countries are not required to obtain visas and can stay for periods varying from seven days to 180 days, depending on nationality. For more information about Visa requirements, please refer to visit the following website


Hong Kong is in a subtropical zone, and the weather can change quickly, though it is generally cool and dry from December through February, and hot and humid from April through September. Monsoons and tropical storms do affect the surrounding area. The best time to travel to Hong Kong is between the autumn months of October and November when the temperatures are milder and the humidity lower. Check the Hong Kong Observatory’s website.


Like many international cities, Hong Kong has world-class hospitals providing outstanding care. The Hong Kong Government assures visitors they will receive the emergency care they require. People who cannot pay immediately will be billed later. Hong Kong is a remarkably safe city day or night. Police officers patrol frequently and they are very helpful.


The Hong Kong dollar is pegged to the U.S. Dollar at a rate of 7.8 to 1. For quick conversions when out shopping or dining, divide the Hong Kong amount by 8. Neighboring Macau and Shenzhen have their own currencies but many tourist-heavy places just over the border will accept Hong Kong Dollars. For current exchange rates, refer to


Hong Kong’s population has increased steadily over the past decade, reaching about 6.92 million in 2007. Hong Kong is one of the most densely populated areas in the world, with an overall density of some 6,250 people per square kilometer.


Cantonese, the official Chinese language in Hong Kong, is spoken by most of the population. English, also an official language, is widely understood, being spoken by more than one-third of the population. dmc hong kong


Hong Kong is one of the world’s most open and dynamic economies. Hong Kong per capita GDP is comparable to other developed countries. Real GDP expanded by 6.8% in 2006 year-on-year, driven by thriving exports, vibrant inbound tourism and strong consumer spending. The unemployment rate declined to 3.6% in September-November 2007, the lowest level since mid-1998. Hong Kong enjoys a number of economic strengths, including accumulated public and private wealth from decades of unprecedented growth, a sound banking system, virtually no public debt, a strong legal system, and an able and rigorously enforced anti-corruption regime.


Guidance and directions for your touring convenience around Hong Kong.
Hong Kong Kowloon City Center map

Map of down town Hong Kong and Kowloon

This map cover the most important areas of Hong Kong where 90% of the hotels, restaurants, markets and shopping malls are located.

Lists hotels, convention centers, MTR-subway, ferries, major attractions and other essential information for event planners and travel agents.

DMC Hong Kong


Map of Honk Kong Subway (MTR)

Travelling around Hong Kong to enjoy its attractions couldn't be easier with the quick and efficient Mass Transit Railway (MTR) system. This covers all major districts in the territory, including stops at the boundary with Mainland China (Lo Wu Station and Lok Ma Chau Station). 



Pearl River Delta Map (Hong Kong, Macau, Zhuhai)

Map of Pearl River Delta

Map that covers the Hong Kong SAR, Macau SAR and the neighbouring municipalities of the Guangdong Province from Shenzhen and Zhuhai to Guangzhou.

Highlights the means of transportation such has ferries, airports, trains and highways.





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