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Visit Macau - The Hottest MICE Destination in Asia

More than 500 years of Portuguese history. A mix of traditional Chinese costumes and top-class facilities.

Macau is a gem in Southeast Asia for MICE events, combining perfectly both the Old and the New.





Macau is considered an Asia Top MICE destination. While visiting Macau you can have different types of experiences, from the wonderful food to the amazing unique entertainment shows, stunning hotels, explore a rich and diversified culture where the East met the West.


DMC Macau

Newest and Exciting

There is no place in the modern days with more investment than Macau. Venues, Accommodation, Entertainment, and Infrastructures in recent years like no other place. Macau is Asia’s newest and most exciting destination for international conventions.

DMC Macau

Entertainment Capital

Macau is positioning itself as the entertainment capital of Asia. Urban entertainment resorts, Casino shows, nightclubs, concerts, exhibitions, opera shows, theaters, cinema and sports events such as the famous Macau Grand Prix.

DMC Macau

Unique Culture

The settlement of Macau by Portuguese navigators, in the mid-16th century, laid the basis for nearly 5 centuries of uninterrupted contact between East and West. Macau is the single most consistent example of cultural interchange between Europe and Asia.

DMC Macau

UNESCO World Heritage City

2005 the Historic Centre of Macau was officially listed as a UNESCO World Cultural Heritage. It is the oldest, most complete and consolidated array of European architectural legacy standing intact in Chinese territory. It retains its original function and spirit to the present day.

DMC Macau

Excellent Eating

Savor the best the world has to offer. From spectacular international cuisine to wonderful local delicacies. When the Portuguese arrived in Asia they brought foodstuffs and cooking ideas. With influences from Africa, South America, and India as well as from home. These were adapted and combined by the local Chinese to create truly international cuisine.

DMC Macau

Top Class Facilities

World-class facilities exist and more are currently under development with investments worth billions of dollars. Most facilities are also owned and managed by international companies. Accommodation is also plentiful. No matter how varied the taste of visitor, there’s no shortage of choices of places to stay – from six-star hotels to budget hotels.

DMC Macau

Close Range

The total area of Macau measures 28,6 square kilometers, nowhere in Macau is too far away! Everything stays within 30 minutes of travel time. The compactness of Macau makes travel time short. Travellers have more time to enjoy the stay and to visit Macau’s beautiful sites.

DMC Macau

Visitors Friendly

Macau is one of the safest cities in the world. One can walk anywhere in Macau and at any time freely. Macau offers visa-free access to citizens from more than 70 countries. Visas can also be easily obtained at the borders.

Themed Events

We offer spectacular themes for your events to create a unique ambience.
DMC Macau

Brazilian Night

A night filled with color and joy. The rhythms of the Brazilian Samba and Capoeira can be delivered to your corporate event through performances, entertainment and/ or ornaments and decorations such as colored feathers, paper balloons, confettis and so much more.
In order to make our clients feel like they are part of the show, we provide them with all kinds of props that range from hats, funny-looking glasses and so on.

DMC Macau

Casino Fun

To visit and experience Asia, especially Macau, isn’t complete without immersing yourself in its deeply rooted Casino Culture. Perfect gambling tables, experienced dealers and croupiers, the sounds of the machines and the ambiance in the air. Guests love the opportunity to experience all this with our Casino Fun themed event, where they are able to learn from our dealers and croupiers, get in the gambling mood and immerse themselves in this culture, even if just for a few hours. It is also an excellent choice for charity events, where real money can be used and reverted to causes your company wants to support.

DMC Macau

Chinese Night

Wherever you are in China, holding a “fortune” themed gala dinner is one of your best options to make your guests immerse themselves in the Chinese culture. We provide you with the most detailed decorations that can vary from everyday Chinese objects, to bird cages, lucky sticks to embellish your tables as center pieces, walking areas or standees and much more.
Get even more in the spirit with a traditional Chinese entertainment performance, like for example the Dragon or Lion Dance, Changing Mask, Traditional Chinese Music or a Shaolin Performance.

DMC Macau

007 Casino Royale

007 Casino Royale themed event will show you that there’s no mission impossible in Macau for a corporate event. We will design elegant decorations and get you in a James Bond mood with several decorations such as light moon balloons, centerpieces, Bond Girls’ silhouettes and more.

DMC Macau

Wine Casino Party

A cocktail party before or after dinner is a guaranteed success! Our Wine Casino package guarantees fun and entertainment for every guest. Croupier/ dealers are actors that will entertain everyone. Right at the beginning, each player receives a given amount in casino chips. All the casino chips won at the games will revert to a special auction at the end of the vent. The uniqueness is on the nature of the bets: decode tastes, uncover aromas and guess the flavors.

Corporate Events Entertainment

We provide the best live entertainment options for Macau and Hong Kong events.

1,000 Hands Dance

A 1000 hands dance has a Buddhism and Chinese background. It is a brilliant live performance with a strong message behind it, to be kind and naturally good things will come your way.
Regularly a success in corporate events, this dance will enhance your event without a doubt.

Chinese Traditional Arts & Crafts

One of the most distinctive visual arts of Chinese handicrafts is Papercutting Art. You will be impressed by the true to life expressions of the character’s sentiment and appearance, or portrayal of natural plants and animals’ diverse gestures. As gifts for your guests, the paper-cutting master will shape out the outline of guests onsite with his scissors art.

Portuguese Folk Dance Troops

The cultural influence of Portugal in Macau is often symbolized by the traditional Portuguese folk dances that are performed by locals using Portuguese clothes. These dances were performed in 2008, during the opening of the Olympic Games in Beijing. These dances can have approximately 25 to 30 performers, including musicians and dancers.

Jazz and Classical Music

Jazz music: Along with the blues, is one of America’s earliest musical inventions. What a better way to accompany your company dinner or cocktail party?

Classic music: String Quartet. Enjoy your dinner with the ambient sound of classical music performed by local professional musicians.

Kung Fu Tea

Kung Fu and tea normally don’t belong together, but when the two cross paths an amazing performance takes place.
The performance includes teapots and quick movements, you’ll have to experience it to know what we are talking about!

Laser Man Show

The Laser Man Show usually happens in a dark setting and mainly consists of a performer (or performers) playing and doing tricks with laser and ultraviolet lights.
Performers create magical moments for guests to feel the atmosphere and the climax generated by LED lights and smoke machines.

Watch Video

Lion Dance

The performance starts with two drummers, one Chinese and one Portuguese playing against each other, which will introduce you to the Lion Dance. Then, experienced lion dancers will present the exclusive traditional act of allocating all the good blessings of heave to the whole community.

Magical Night

Lead the magic to your gala dinner, surprise guests with a very special night, which will make them believe in the impossible. In order to make your dinner special, a magician master will create the right atmosphere with a performance filled with amazing magic tricks.

Pop Rock Band

We work regularly with local musicians. Our bands will set the mood for your corporate event, reliving good memories and making the audience sing along with their favorite songs. Occasionally we bring musicians from Hong Kong and Mainland China.

Shaolin Monks performance

One of the most famous performances of Chinese Culture is the Shaolin Monk’s performance. Since temples used to be located in outside and remote areas where bandits and wild animals were an occasional problem, monks started to learn martial arts to improve their self-defense capacities.
Improve your corporate event by bringing to the stage a performance of these martial arts, showing an amazing display of physical talent that will surprise your guests.

Traditional Chinese Drums/ Modern Chinese Drums

Get blown away by our all-female group of drummers, who’ll demonstrate their power, rhythm and inspire your audience with their amazing and dance-along sounds.

Group Activities

Our sister company Smallworld Experience is Macau’s leader in teambuilding programs. We can arrange the perfect entertainment for your team.
DMC Macau

Macau iPad Scavenger Hunt

This activity basically goes off with a team using the iPad to get instructions to solve challenges. Like a com-mixture of treasure hunt and a great race. Teams will be searching for World Heritage landmarks and other locations following the instructions on the iPad. During the race, the teams will unlock some hidden treasures of Macau. Going around the best locations will determined team challenges. This will prepare them to touch, learn, experience and most of all have fun. Watch Video

DMC Macau


A first of a kind team building activity. Unique in the world combining high adrenaline and a shot of energy for your team bonding. Think of your group playing drums together at 233 meters off the ground. This is a very unique team building activity in partnership with AJ Hackett Macau and Human Rhythms. If you are scared of heights we can change, stay inside, having the same experience. Perfect Group Activity for an adventurous group. Watch Video

DMC Macau

Macau Gourmet Discovery

A journey that allows you to know the secrets behind the taste. The Macau Gourmet Discovery gives all participants the chance to experience some of the best Macanese, Portuguese and Chinese dishes. Discover food stalls and restaurants located in the old part of Macau. While trying different tastes participants will check the site where most of the UNESCO World Heritage is found.

DMC Macau

Beach Olympics

A set of Teambuilding Games to let your delegates connect. Get to know each other better while being assigned to teams. The games are held according to a rotation that allows all teams to do participate in the same activities. Points are received per activity, according to the rules. A coordinator will explain all games and make sure that rules are followed fairly.

DMC Macau

Drumming Team Challenge

A lesson about team diversity and respect. Let your team bond get creative through the rhythms created. Performing their own music is an amazing experience and a good teamwork experience. Watch Video

DMC Macau

Wine Making Academy

All participants will experience the art of creating their personalized wine at the Wine Making Academy. Delegates will get to know the foundation on how to become a true cellar winemaker by learning all of the combinations of the right blending of grapes. Those who don’t drink wine will create and draw wine bottle labels. This way they can create a market presence of the product. Watch Video

Special Venues in Macau

Macau is home of the most characteristic landmarks to host private events. Or in a 18th century garden house, or in a cafe from then 20’s or in at 225m high, we can help you to host your event in these unique sites.
Fisherman's Wharf Macau

Chinese Junk

A classic Chinese sailing vessel with more than 40 years of history. This renovated traditional Chinese junk is available for private cruises along Macau three bridges. Also possible to sail to Qingzhou Shuidao island where often pink dolphins can be seen. The boat can also be a charming venue for a special event.

View more information…

Casa Garden Macau

Casa Garden

The “Casa Garden” is one of the most outstanding examples of Macau’s European architectural heritage. Built in 1770, the park was originally the residence of a wealthy Portuguese merchant Manuel Pereira. It was later rented to the British East India Company and it became the place chosen to house visiting embassies from the Imperial Court and the head office of several governmental departments in Macau. Nowadays, is the headquarters of the Macau delegation of the Orient Foundation. In 2005, it was officially enlisted as part of the UNESCO World Heritage Sites of the Historic Centre of Macau.

View more information…

Clube Militar Macau

Clube Militar de Macau

The Clube Militar de Macau (Macau Military Club) was founded and built in 1870 as a private association for culture and recreation for its members — army officers, or civilians as guest members. Painted a bright pink, this striking colonial building behind the Hotel Lisboa opened its restaurant to the public in 1995, offering nonmembers the chance to dine in style in its old-fashioned dining hall with its tall ceilings, whirring ceiling fans, arched windows, wood floor, and displays of antique Chinese dishware. It is located at the city center, near Grand Lisboa Hotel.

View more information…

Cafe Deco Macau

Cafe Deco

Located inside Venetian Macau seats almost 1,000 pax. Decorated in distinctive 1930’s Art Deco era motif, it is the largest restaurant in Macau. In the show kitchens on both levels are Tandoori and Pizza Ovens; Flaming Charcoal Grill and Rotisseries; Sushi & Teppanyaki Bars; an Oyster Bar; Traditional Chinese Woks, Curry and Noodle Stations. These elements all provide for unparalleled culinary theatre.

View more information…

Macau Tower 180 Lounge and Grill

Macau Tower 180 Lounge

Perfect for private/ exclusive events for up to 75 pax seated or 120 pax cocktail. Located at the top of the Macau Tower, offering panoramic views of the city and surrounding landscapes. View more information…

Macau Tower CEC

Macau Tower CEC

Macau Tower is the 10th tallest freestanding tower in the world. The Convention Centre is a world-class venue for corporate meetings, conferences, trade fairs, seminars and exhibitions. The Grand Hall and the Banquet Hall are equipped to cater all kinds of events. There is a 500 seat Theatre and the 1850 sqm Exhibition Hall is a versatile trade fair/exhibition venue. It is located at the beautiful lakeside in the southwestern tip of Macau Peninsula. View more information…

Pousada de Coloane

Pousada de Coloane

It offers a great terrace with views over the sea. Pousada de Coloane is located on Cheoc Van beach surrounded by green treed-clad mountains and set in the quiet countryside of Coloane Island. View more information…

Pousada de São Tiago

Pousada de S. Tiago

The Fortaleza da Barra was a fortresses built in the 17th century by the Portuguese to defend Macau against hostile European nations and local pirates All 12 rooms and suites, recently renovated, have mahogany furniture, marble bathrooms and custom-made chandeliers and lamps, all imported from Portugal. It is situated along the scenic tree-lined Praia Grande Bay, at the tip of the Macau peninsula and it’s 5 minutes away from the A-Ma Temple. View more information…

Wine Museum Macau

Wine Museum

A good venue for exclusive event up to 50 pax seated only available in the evenings. The Wine Museum in Macau is 1,400 square-meters of space offering historical information on wine, including vineyard cultivation and wine cycles through the world.

Fisherman's Wharf Macau

Deck at Macau Fisherman’s Wharf

The wooden decks facing Macau’s ferry terminal are an excellent out door event for dinners or cocktails. The Fisherman’s wharf is the first theme park in Macau; the park officially opened on 2006. The area includes over 150 stores and restaurants in building built in the style of different world seaports.

Golf Country Club Macau

Macau Golf Country Club

The club was opened since 1993, it also known as the oldest established golf clubs in Southern China. The golf course has 18-hole, which is suitable for activities life Championship golf tournaments and golf lessons. Since 1998, the Macau Open golf tournament invited a lot of legendary players, for example, Nick Faldo, Lee Westwood, Nick Price, Colin Montgomery, Padraig Harrington and Zhang Lian-Wei. View more information…

MICE Events in Macau - Best Hotels recommended

Our suggestions about the most comfortable, trendy and convenient located in Macau.
DMC Macau

Banyan Tree 5

Part of Galaxy Macau, the latest fully integrated development in the dynamic Cotai city. The exclusive resort comprises of 227 suites, including the ultra-exclusive Presidential Suite and 29 villas, where 10 are expansive villas with their own gardens and a private swimming pool. Banyan Tree Macau is the first high-rise urban resort in Macau to feature private Relaxation Pools in all its spacious suites, and the only luxury hotel with full-sized resort villas.

Asia Top MICE Destination

 Conrad 5

Conrad Macao is the destination for a new generation of travellers, it provides one-of-a-kind experiences where business and pleasure seamlessly connect. It’s the luxury hotel of choice where one can truly be oneself, whilst enjoying the adventure, fun and fortune of the Sands Cotai Central.

DMC Macau

 Grand Lapa 5

Each room has views over the South China Sea or the historic Guia Fortress. With a range of fine restaurants, fully equipped banquet rooms and meeting facilities The hotel has 15,000 square meters of Resort area. Located on the outer harbor with close to the main commercial, shopping and entertainment district, Grand Lapa Macau is placed just walking distance from the ferry terminal.

DMC Macau

Studio City Macau, Cotai 5

Studio City luxury Hotel, it’s Asia’s first leisure resort to integrate television and film production facilities. There is a water park and a casino. The epitome of red carpet hotel service, offering a range of luxury accommodation to suit everyone’s needs. It is possible to purchase an entertainment pass, to experience the attractions and shows like “Batman Dark flight”, “the golden reel” and “The house of dancing water” world’s largest water extravaganza.

DMC Macau

 Holiday Inn Cotai Central 4

Holiday Inn Macao Cotai Central is located within Sands Cotai Central, the absolute centre of Macao leisure, shopping and entertainment district. The hotel’s convenient location provides guests with easy access to hundreds of Asias top retail outlets, dozens of restaurants and bars, as well as concert venues, exhibition and conference facilities. With spacious and comfortable rooms, a pool deck and health club, as well as tranquil gardens, the Holiday Inn Macao Cotai Central is the perfect choice for a fun-filled break.

DMC Macau

Hotel Royal 5

Hotel Royal Macau is located at the doorstep of the Guia Fortress, site of the first lighthouse on the Chinese coast. Within walking distance, guests of the hotel will find the ruins of St Paul’s and many other attractions in Macau’s city centre. The Hotels is well equipped with a Fitness Centre, a swimming pool, a choice of 380 spacious guest rooms and suites over 19 floors, and fully equipped to host business meetings up to 200 people.

DMC Macau

Sheraton Macao Hotel 5*

Sheraton Hotel combines modern facilities and world-class service with an ideal location in the exciting new integrated resort complex of Sands ‘Cotai Central’ right in the heart of Cotai. Featuring two towers, Sky and Earth, Sheraton Macao Hotel is the largest hotel in Macau. With well-appointed, modern and inviting guestrooms and suites, it’s also Starwood Hotels & Resorts’ largest hotel worldwide.

Asia Top MICE Destination

St Regis Macau 5*

The St Regis Macau, offers luxurious accommodations, the resort has a year-round outdoor pool a Spa and a fitness centre. With advantaged position in Macau Sands Cotai central, the St Regis Macau offers easy access to 600 unparalled retail outlets, 100 dining options and a world-class entertainment

Asia Top MICE Destination

Sheraton Macao Hotel 5

Sheraton Hotel combines modern facilities and world-class service with an ideal location in the exciting new integrated resort complex of Sands ‘Cotai Central’ right in the heart of Cotai. Featuring two towers, Sky and Earth, Sheraton Macao Hotel is the largest hotel in Macau. With well-appointed, modern and inviting guestrooms and suites, it’s also Starwood Hotels & Resorts’ largest hotel worldwide.

DMC Macau

Four Seasons Hotel Macao 5 Deluxe

The architecture and interior design combine Portuguese with Chinese influences to show the ancient Macanese culture. Guests will experience the charms of colonial Macau through the nostalgic architecture. Located Taipa, 15 minutes drive from Senado Square (historic centre)

DMC Macau

Sofitel at Ponte 16 5

Built around the remaining façade of Pier 16, the architectural design and the entire development reflect the city’s colonial past, to blend harmoniously with the ambience of the ‘Historic Centre of Macau’. Is has 440-rooms, two restaurants and two bars, swimming pool, a spa and wellness centre.


DMC Macau

Venetian Macao 5

Las Vegas Sands’second resort to open in Macau, combines the glamour of Las Vegas with mystical Asian flair. The Venetian Macao includes 3,000 luxury suites in a 32-story tower, creating the beauty of baroque Venice complete with canals, gondolas, singing gondoliers and other legendary Venetian icons. Ii is located on the Cotai Strip, only 5 minutes away from the Macau International Airport.


DMC Macau

Grand Hyatt 5

Part of the City of Dreams integrated resort, it features views over Cotai and the west banks of Pearl River. The Grand Deluxe King rooms provide views of Venetian Resorts, mountain or the bay. The banquet room and Mezza9 with open kitchen concept enable guests to interact with chefs for a distinctive dining experience. The meeting rooms are all located in one floor and have tall ceilings. Located in City of Dreams, Taipa, 15 minutes’ drive from Leal Senado Square (historic centre).


DMC Macau

Ritz Carlton 5

The all-suite hotel from the Ritz-Carlton located in Cotai’s Galaxy Macau integrated resort has got 236 guest suites, including 3 Villa Suites, it brings elevated luxury amenities. It has been awarded as The Michelin Guide HK Macau 2016 “Luxury” Hotel. The Ritz-Carlton, Macau, proves no exception enabling guests to revel in the finest personal service and the best of Asian luxury. The 51st floor restaurant highlights the skills of our extraordinary chefs and offers five private dining rooms.


DMC Macau

JW Marriott 5

JW Marriott Hotel Macau enjoys a privileged location with instant access to a wide selection of international cuisine and vibrant entertainment. The high quality service and luxury experience makes JW Marriott Hotel Macau being awarded The Michelin Guide HK Macau 2016 “Top Class Comfort” Hotel. It is the Asia’s largest JW Marriott, located in Cotai’s Galaxy Macau integrated resort, JW Marriott Hotel Macau brings its guests an approachable luxury experience having easy access to a host of leisure and entertainment options, including premium shopping, exquisite dining, world-class entertainment events and multi-functional meeting spaces.

Macau Location & Connections - How to get to Macau?

Our suggestions to help you find the best way to get to Macau!

What’s the best way to get to Macau?

Macau city centre is easily accessible from both Macau and Hong Kong airports. From Hong Kong you can either make a 90 minute car drive, take the bus or the fast ferry. From Macau terminals you can wither drive to the center or just go by public transportation. Take a look at all the options.

DMC Macau

Macau International Airport

Macau International Airport has excellent connections to all Asia, covering Northen Asia, South East Asia and main cities in China and Taiwan. Check here the flight schedule link. 

DMC Macau

Hong Kong Airport 

Hong Kong International Airport, HKIA, operating since 1998, is the world’s busiest cargo gateway and one of the world’s busiest passenger airports. It is also home to one of the world’s largest passenger terminal buildings. Operating 24 hours a day, Hong Kong is a focus city for many airlines connecting the world to all Asia, especially Mainland China. Check here the airlines. 

DMC Macau
DMC Macau

Pearl Delta River Ferry connections to Macau

Not sure yet about how to get to Macau? What about ferry travel? Here is the link for the two most important Ferry Companies in Macau: Cotai Water Jet and TurbojetWith a quick click, you can check all the information’s about tickets, schedules, and connections.

Facts & Figures

Basic info about Macau for your reference and convenience.


All visitors must hold a passport or a valid travel document valid for more than 30 days since the day of entry in Macau.
Visas are NOT required by visitors from:

  • Andorra
  • Australia
  • Austria
  • Belgium
  • Brazil
  • Bulgaria
  • Canada
  • Cape Verde
  • Chile
  • Croatia
  • Cyprus
  • Czech
  • Denmark
  • Dominica
  • Egypt
  • Estonia
  • Finland
  • France
  • German
  • Greece
  • Hungary
  • Iceland
  • India
  • Indonesia
  • Ireland
  • Israel
  • Italy
  • Japan
  • Kiribati
  • Latvia
  • Lebanon
  • Liechtenstein
  • Lithuania
  • Luxembourg
  • Malaysia
  • Mali
  • Malta
  • Mexico
  • Mongolia
  • Monaco
  • Namibia
  • Netherlands
  • New Zealand
  • Norway
  • Philippines
  • Poland
  • Portugal
  • Romania
  • Samoa
  • Seychelles
  • Singapore
  • Slovak
  • Slovenia
  • South Korea
  • South Africa
  • Spain
  • Sweden
  • Switzerland
  • Tanzania
  • Thailand
  • Turkey
  • United Kingdom
  • United States of America
  • Uruguay

Visas can be obtained from the Immigration Services through Embassies/Consulates of the PRC and should be used within the validity, the visa is expired after the valid date.

Visas are also available on arrival in Macau at the Immigration Services for a period of 30 days.

For more information about Visa requirements, please visit the following website


Macau has a warm, marine temperate climate. The climate is greatly influenced by the monsoons and therefore temperature difference between summer and winter is fairly noticeable. The average annual temperature of Macau is 22 C. July is the hottest month, with daytime temperatures usually above 30 °C.
The best season to visit Macau is from late September to December when the weather is not too hot or humid.

Check the updated forecasts at


The Pataca (MOP$) is divided into 100 avos and it is Macau’s official currency. Hong Kong dollars are widely accepted in Macau.
For current exchange rates, refer to


Macau is one of the most developed countries in Asia in terms of public health provision. Here, the average life expectancy is 75.5 years for men and 79.9 years for women.
Several major hospitals in Macau have adequate medical facilities and are able to provide emergency medical care.


In 2007, the total population was estimated to be 531.400. About 94% are ethnic Chinese, from different provinces, namely Guangdong and Fujian. The remaining 6% includes Portuguese and other regions.


The official languages are Chinese (Mandarin) and Portuguese. English is widely spoken by those engaged in trade, tourism, and commerce.


Macau’s economy is based largely on tourism, much of it geared toward gambling. The gaming, tourism and hospitality industry is estimated to contribute more than 50% of Macau’s GDP, and 70% of Macau Government revenue.

Our Macau Map

Guidance and directions for your touring convenience around Macau.
Macau Map (Cotai, Taipa and Coloane)

Map of Macau

(Cotai, Taipa and Coloane)

Macau SAR (Special Administrative Region) map including the Cotai area and the Islands of Taipa and Coloane.

Lists hotels, convention centers, major attractions and other essential information for event planners and travel agents.

Macau City Center Map - Destination Management

Macau City Center Map

Macau city center map covers the old part of town and all the hotels and casinos from the Macau Ferry Terminal to the A Ma Temple.

Lists hotels, convention centers, major attractions in a simple way.

Pearl River Delta Map (Hong Kong, Macau, Zhuhai)

Map of Pearl River Delta

Map that covers Hong Kong SAR, Macau SAR and the neighboring municipalities of the Guangdong Province from Shenzhen and Zhuhai to Guangzhou.

Highlights the means of transportation such as ferries, airports, trains and highways.



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